From Venice, Italy

Lives & works in Venice

Moving towards visual art, sculptural installations and performance, my research explores the impermanence of the image. The use of photography is at the base of my enquiry but the medium is rarely used in its conventional way. Photographic documents, most often from personal archive, are revisited and transformed resulting into a body of work that interplay rhythm, traces and disappearance. The repetition, the multilayers and the fragility of the techniques and materials used, aim to question the reliability of the photographic medium as a safe sanctuary for memories. Representation and materialisation are considered within my practice just as a stage of an image that will eventually evolve and mutate. By pushing the boundaries of photography into more tangible edges, I am trying to isolate the elusiveness transition of the process of an image becoming a memory, while making it visible.

Interlacing visual and sculptural installations with performance allows me as well, to exploit gestures as tools of investigation of the sacral and ritual component of images.

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